World’s Largest Icicle

This week’s polar vortex (cough:cough lame ass name for a cold front) reminded us about the last lingering polar vortex we experienced, where we were privy to this giant ice formation on the platform of the F/G train at 4th Avenue-9th Street.  The multi-million dollar facelift that the station is receiving hasn’t had good luck fixing the leaky pipes at the southern end of the platform, because the world’s largest icicle sprouted up there over the course of several days.

polar vortex ice
polar vortex icicle
worlds largest icicle
giant icicle on nyc subway

And then it all came to an end with temperatures reaching the 40s and 50s.

Best Mailboxes In America

We did it, we found the two best United States mailboxes in all the land.  Look at these beautiful, the most beautiful, mailboxes in all the land that sit at the corner of Remsen Street and Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights.

best mailboxes in america
We never knew that U.S. Mail relay boxes could be anything but green.  Mind = blown!

Downtown Brooklyn Construction

While serving our civic duty of sitting in a room full of strangers for jury duty, our view was of the latest construction rumblings going on in downtown Brooklyn.

downtown brooklyn construction
We can’t wait for the sun to be blocked even more so, all in the name of progress.

Subway Art Of War

We found this zen piece of information tagged up at the 59th Street subway station recently, while waiting FOREVER for the R train to arrive.

subway art of war
Mr. Miyagi would be proud of this subtle warrior.

Where Is The R Train?

Where is the R train?

where is the r train
We’ve often wondered the very same thing while waiting patiently at 59th Street for an R train to arrive after waiting for 20 to 30 minutes.  We predict that the 59th Street station of the N/R at 4th Avenue will be the very last station to receive countdown clocks because the wait time is just too embarrassing for the MTA to show.

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