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HSBC Closed On Labor Day 2010

We love posting the signs that banks post up about when they are closed, because inevitably, someone is going to Google the question, “Is HSBC open on Labor Day?”

And naturally, the answer (in the United States) is a big, fat, no.  What these google searchers should be asking the interwebs is this: “Is HSBC mean enough to make their employees work on Labor Day?”  Answer: No.


“On a scale of 1 to 10, how cold-hearted am I to expect that my bank have their employees work on Labor Day because a new checking account just cannot wait?”  Answer: Ten!

Tree Porn – Survivor

Someone should give this tree a t-shirt that reads, “I survived the winter of 2010.”

If any tree should have fallen from the fierce winds and heavy amounts of snow it should have been this one.

Census 2010

Our 2010 Census finally arrived today!

Be sure to fill yours out and return ‘today’ or else you shall feel that wrath of the ‘law.’  

And remember, in 74 years all of the returned information will be made public to your descendants for them to enjoy and help them out with your family history, so make sure you write them a little note in the margins and wish them a happy 2084!

Nor’easter Damage

Last night we were one of the many fools stuck at Newark Penn Station due to the entire Northeast Corridor of Amtrak being knocked offline.  After four hours of “delays” on the line the police department finally took over public address system and announced that there was no train service anywhere from the station and that buses were the only option to get anywhere. 

What they didn’t say was that only one bus per hour to NYC was the real option and that thousands of people were waiting for said once an hour bus with threats of arrest by the police for not being on the overflowing sidewalk.  After a ride from Fiancee’s folks to TImes Square (thank you again so much!) and riding the subway sloooowly back to Brooklyn, our journey was about four or five hours long.   

Upon getting to Brooklyn we found that people are still under the belief that it is good to open an umbrella in a wind storm.   

This morning we strolled over to the cupcake shop and found this poor tree was ripped in half.

Despite it being obvious that the winds were no match for TREES, people still had their umbrellas open in this wind.

It’s good to know that the damage a nor’easter can do cannot harm the wit of a fool.

Faux Blizzard 2010 [NIGHT PICS]

Despite what the weather predictions were forecast (and schools and businesses being closed), our neck of the woods did not experience a blizzard yesterday.  We just experienced a snow/sleet/frozen rain/ice storm or maybe eight to ten inches. 

The stuff was heavy and quite honestly we’re shocked that more large tree limbs didn’t fail under the weight. 

We snapped a few photos with a new extremely low cost wide angle lens before the snow ended.  The 98% discount on the lens is probably due to the blackened corners that the lens wasn’t created to make when set to the widest setting.  That said, we rather like the vingetting that it creates when it’s set to super wide angle. 

*This first shot was added to ‘Pic of the Year’ — it’s #3.

*If you’re wondering why we say it wasn’t a blizzard, it’s due to the lack of wind that we experienced locally.

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