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A Tomato Plant Grows In Manhattan

We all know that a tree grows in Brooklyn, but what you might not know, is that a tomato plant grows in Manhattan.

It’s true!  There’s a tomato plant growing up from one of the narrowest of cracks in the sidewalk outside of St. James’ Church on James Street in Lower Manhattan.  It’s a subtle reminder that when mankind ceases to exist, our planet will keep spinning, and a bastardized version of nature will be free to take over.

Freedom Tower September 2011

Here’s what the World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower looks like as of September 2011.

It’s looking splendidly tall now, and from a distance appears to be nearing the same height that the Twin Towers were, which is oddly comforting.

The above is the view of the Freedom Tower from behind the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden Atrium.

Finally, the view of the Freedom Tower from the northwestern side.  This is the view that the employees of Goldman Sachs get as they smoke outside of their building.

Freedom Tower At Night

While driving down the West Side Highway at night, we are always stunned by the glory of the Freedom Tower, as it is lit up with thousands of white lights during its construction sans windows.

While we personally feel that photos of it at night don’t do it justice, we did the red hue that the vehicle in front gives this shot.

The Two Dumbest Hurricane Irene Preparations

We know that people in NYC aren’t often asked to prepare for a hurricane, but we’ve been left scratching our head at two preparations that other people did ahead of Hurricane Irene.  We found these preparations simply lacked any and all common sense — kind of like running out of a burning apartment with arms full of clean socks (which we must sheepishly admit that we have personally done).

Someone tethered a concrete statue of the Virgin Mary, that weighs approximately 100 pounds, to a brick pillar, with a pair of elastic stockings.  A toe-nail normally rips stockings, so should that statue have toppled over, the stockings would have simply ripped and allowed the statue to fall to the dirt floor – where it probably wouldn’t have been hurt, regardless of the stockings being there.

Someone else, or perhaps the very same person (these things were a block away from one another), wrapped their compact vehicle with several clear plastic bags and meticulously taped it all together.  The decade-plus old paint job couldn’t have been what they wanted to protect, and we’re 100% positive that the vehicle doesn’t normally get wrapped up and covered in the event of a regular old rain storm.

But, everyone has their own things that need to get done in order for their mind to relax and have a good night of sleep, so we hope that these people had a wonderful night of sleep during Hurricane Irene.  To each his own.

The Kentile’s Toupee Wink

In this photo the Kentile sign is the toupee on a winking man.

Do you see it?

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