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Happy Memorial Day

Today we remember all those who sacrificed their lives in the name of Americana.

Take your time today, eat a burger of some sort, and enjoy what freedoms we still have left in this country of ours… And expect your bank to be closed today, as it is a major legal bank holiday.

Paul Frank Is Your Friend

We’re out of the loop and live in our own bubble.  Given this, we had no idea who, or what, Paul Frank was.  But since he claims to be our friend, we looked him up.

He and his industries are not our type, but thanks for your unwanted friendship?

A Simple Summation Of America

We found this American flag to be in the exact position that it should be in — given the state of Congress over the past 17 or so years, and the poor decisions of our Presidents over the past 11 years.  Our elected officials are politicians, and as such, not leaders.

America, land of crippling politics, and home of an ignorant stalemate.

Twin Towers Mural

This is a mural of the Twin Towers near Smith and 9th Street in Brooklyn.

It’s wild to think about what symbols those two towers have been over the decades, and the different symbols they have become over the past ten years.

To quote a protest from 2004, “Make out, not war.”

Governors Island Fire Station

We got a kick out of seeing an FDNY sticker affixed to an old fire truck sign on Governors Island, outside of the fire station on Governors Island.

It’s the equivalent of a dog peeing on a tree to mark his or her territory.

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