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Senior Boxhead Pignose

The 1980s had Mr. Belvedere.  The 2010s have Senior Boxhead Pignose!

And really, who do you think would win in a fight, Mr. Belvedere, or Senior Boxhead Pignose?

The Crazy Sausage

“Chorizo de Locos”

Those words were the first words spoken by Baby Jesus in the manger — he was years ahead of the curve.

The Finger-pointer Sister

Though it’s not nice to point fingers…

It is nice to see some finger-pointing now and again.

Yellow Pansies

As winter begins, we can’t wait to see signs of spring with the blooms of pansies.

We were lucky enough to experience two springs this year… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

Photographic Proof That Art Imitates Life

They say that art imitates life, and here’s photographic proof of it!

That mausoleum is totally imitating that tree.

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