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We’ve never been much of the club type, but our old pal, musical genius, and legendary DJ, (the) Mike B, has been for as long as we’ve known him.  Mike has a new project that sounds flippin’ delicious to the point that we are finding ourselves wishing that we were located in Los Angeles so that we could to take in his new project out and about in person.

Mike’s new project — CAMO UFOS.

[Mike B and Nate Day / CAMO UFOS]

If you happen to be fortunate enough to be in L.A., CAMO UFOS are playing Metropolis (08/28 at 10PM) and Avalon Hollywood (09/24 at 10PM).

Regardless of your location, we encourage you to allow your brain to be blown (in the non Budd Dwyer sense) and take a listen to their sound via their Facebook band page.

Yes, it now looks like we’re going to grow up and be that crazy old white haired honky of a white guy who blasts jungle music out of our Lincoln Continental as we cruise the streets to and from buying our toilet paper at 10AM on Saturday mornings in 2050.

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