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Brooklyn’s Monk Parrot

With the arrival of spring flowers popping up out of the earth and seeing monk parrots out and about, it’s fairly safe to say that spring has officially arrived.

South American parrots living in Brooklyn, NY… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

The Pigeon Defenders

Union Street, Brooklyn, west of Pacifico.

The pigeons await any and all who dare tempt to scale their fortress.

Pigeon Vs. Brooklyn Bridge

We found this pigeon (or rock dove if you prefer), sitting at the top of a railing post in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Monday.

This pigeon had the least fear that we’ve ever seen from a pigeon.  It didn’t mind that our elbow came within two inches of its face when we were distracted by the sights, nor did it mind the camera we then stuck in its face for a couple of minutes to get a couple of dozen shots that look similar to this one — if anything, the pigeon gave us the look of:  “Is that all you got?  Then you’ve got nothing.”

So…if pigeons ever decide to kill off the human species, rest assured, it will likely all be the workings of this pigeon — it stood up to everything on one leg.

Brooklyn Monk Parrots Enjoy Spring

The other day we were lucky enough to locate the Brooklyn Monk Parrots once again.  Though this time it was considerably harder to do with the trees having filled in with leaves.  Our ears became our best friend.

It’s amazing how one country’s annoying problem is our fun little tickling bit of enjoyment…TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

Child’s Play




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