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Sunset: NYC

We’ve been quite fortunate in life when it comes to sunsets in that we’ve somehow managed to see roughly 500 of them so far.  Living in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, we are pretty much at the western most point of Long Island, not too far from a body of water, the Narrows, and as such, get a killer (unobstructed) view of the sun setting over Staten Island.  

We’ve also had a job that gave us an office on Houston Street in Manhattan that overlooked the Hudson River, and that allowed for spectacular, Bob Ross type of sunsets to unfold before our eyes.  Then, we were fortunate enough to work some 500 feet up in the sky of Long Island City, and had our desk facing west, which gave us a sometimes blinding view of the sun setting over Midtown Manhattan.   

While 500 sunsets sounds like a crazy amount, it’s nowhere close to the 11,000 or so that we’ve missed.  So, if you ever have some free moments in the evening, get on out, or to a window, and watch.  It’s both humbling and refreshing.  Plus, each one is different.

The DUMBO Daffodil

We spotted this happy daffodil alive and blowing in the wind in DUMBO, right under the tower of the Manhattan Bridge.

It’s a happy little flower, with a happy bridge that sags and jumps, a happy smoke stack in the back,

Bryant Park’s Skyline

If Bob Ross was into painting urban portraits, we think he definitely would have painted some scenes of the skyline that surrounds Manhattan’s Bryant Park.

“Happy little people reading their books and obtaining knowledge over here.  And people working in a beautiful office over here.”

A Bob Ross Sunset

The only thing that this sunset over the Narrows and Staten Island is missing that would make it a pure Bob Ross-esque are happy little trees.

Happy little trees make everything better, especially for Staten Island.

Another Brooklyn Sunset

It’s a modern Bob Ross…

Big, beautiful skies, along with a plane taking off out of Newark Airport.

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