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Manhattan Bridge Reflection

While it certainly isn’t as spectacular as a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge reflecting down upon itself with a beautiful park surrounding it, the Manhattan Bridge gets the job done the old school New York way…

Vive la Manhattan Bridge!

N.Y.S. Actually Closed A Dangerous Bridge!

Albeit a bridge in the middle of nowhere, since bureaucracies work in mysterious ways.

We came across this small bridge that was closed off by the New York State Department of Transportation due to structural issues.

This bridge was not a high one, or even a long one.  It was maybe 20 feet above a small river in the Catskills that was perhaps, at best, 50 feet wide where it ran under this bridge.

This brings us to two math riddles that are neither riddles, nor have anything to do with math…

The little bridge in the middle of nowhere, that likely had minimal vehicular traffic = too dangerous for random vehicles to cross at very intermittent times.

Nearly all of the bridges surrounding New York City, that carry hundreds of thousands of vehicles a day, and are classified as being at best “fair” and at worse “poor” — and worse off than the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis several year ago = just fine to keep using in excess with bumper to bumper traffic, speedy trains and speeding trucks.

Go figure.

52mm Super Wide Angle Lens Attachment [Review]

We recently purchased a new 52mm super wide angle lens attachment from Amazon and thought it needed a user review.

With the list price of this lens attachment is $129.99 it is sold on Amazon for a mere $7.99.  We bought this lens through New Harbor and it arrived within a couple of days where we discovered that it screws easily onto our 18-55mm lens that we already had for our Nikon D60 — as an admitted idiot camera user, this thing is idiot proof.

While one user review on Amazon gave it a one out of five stars due to blurry edges; the fact that it cost $7.99 throws any and all expectations of a perfect lens out the window.  Thankfully we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lens attachment and the photo effects that it produces.

Here is a shot of the Verrazano Bridge without the 52mm super wide angle lens attachment.  This shot is merely our normal 18-55mm lens set to 18mm with our Nikon D60.

From the very same spot we shot this next photo with the 52mm super wide angle lens attached to our normal 18-55mm lens using our D60.

As you can see, the lens attachment does give you much more of the horizon in the shot, however, it also creates a vignetting look at the corners and blurs the edges near the corners.  For some this might be a deal breaker, for us, it adds to some shots.  We wouldn’t want all of our shots to have this vignetting, but when used for certain shots we love it.

When we took another shot from the very same location with the 52mm super wide angle lens attached to our 18-55mm lens (again on the Nikon D60) and then set it to 35mm we got this next shot.

As you can see the vignetting and blurred edges go away under this setting.  In fact, the only time vingetting or blurred images happen — aside from an unsteady hand — is when the lens attachment is set to the widest angle.

Overall, for the low price of $7.99 we think that this lens attachment is a steal.  It creates effects on digital images that people would normally need to do via Photoshop.   It’s made in Japan with metal and glass components; plus it also comes with a macro lens that does not do any vignetting, although some blurring towards the edge has occurred.

For a mere eight bucks it produces some stellar images, especially if you know what to expect with the vignetting.  Perfect to add to a bag for anyone with a photography hobby.

To see many other shots using this lens attachment at various settings click on any of the following links.

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Macro Shot [Matanzas Creek Cork]

Hash One Graffiti

While walking along the Shore Road bike path we couldn’t help but notice the tagging that one, ‘Hash One’ has done to the on ramp that connects the Verrazano Bridge to the Belt Parkway.

We were oddly entertained by it all.

4th Pic Of The Year

We braved the nearly untouched calf deep snow last week post snow and ice storm to get this shot. 

The various birds taking refuge at the partially snow covered and decaying Denyse Wharf with the Verrazano Bridge booming 693 feet up into the sky made it all worth it.

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