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FDNY Call box

We finally dug out our camera and discovered one last visit to DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park that we had prior to moving up the river still hadn’t been uploaded.

fdny callbox

We enjoyed seeing this, maybe it is working, maybe it isn’t working, FDNY call box in the set.  Say hello for me.

Empire State Yoga

The view of the Empire State Building through the yoga statue in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Happy Monday!

Brooklyn Bridge Park Ducks

To misquote the irreverent Jay-Z, “I got 99 problems but 11 ducks aren’t one!”


Freedom Tower Angles

While construction workers have been busy building the Freedom Tower, we’ve been busy appreciating our skyline being filled in once again.

From Houston Street

From 7th Avenue

From Brooklyn Bridge Park

While it’s a shame that it took so long to get this far, we’re glad that they’re finally reaching that tall of a height.  Having a monstrous building in Lower Manhattan once again is so oddly comforting.

Brooklyn Bridge Goes War Of The Worlds

We recently noticed, that with all of the construction that is going on with the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s kind of looking as though it’s becoming one of those things from War of the Worlds.

Can somebody put a call into Tom Cruise and see if he’s available to save us all?

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