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What Can Brown Do For You?

Q: What can brown do for you?

A: Block a scenic view of the East River and lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights.

Thanks, UPS.  Thanks!

The Wizard Of Oz Moving Co.

File this under poor naming decisions…

We can’t wait to read in the local papers that this moving company is being sued over the use of the whole Wizard of Oz name.

Brooklyn Bridge Goes War Of The Worlds

We recently noticed, that with all of the construction that is going on with the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s kind of looking as though it’s becoming one of those things from War of the Worlds.

Can somebody put a call into Tom Cruise and see if he’s available to save us all?

Two Meme’s For The Price Of One

Be sure to curb your dog…

And if you see something, say something.

God Works In Mysterious Ways

God sure does work like to work in mysterious ways.

And at times, he likes to work with the help of a sign, like he is above, in association with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, in Brooklyn Heights.

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