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Sometimes Nature Is Gross

Sometimes nature is flat out gross, like when it decides to place what appears to be a maggot right smack dab in the middle of a past its prime daisy that also happens to be running amok in ants.

But it’s still… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

Old Cicada Skin

Recently, after pruning back some pussy willows,  we came across this old cicada skin…


The Iguazu Beetle

While in Iguazu, Argentina, we stumbled back to our hotel room and discovered this enormous beetle hanging out on the door to our hotel room.

Its sight caused us to realize just how much of a city slicker we are, because our first thought was “WAAAAAHHH!!!”  Then we said “What the hell is that!?!?”  And then we said, “I wish Bear Grylls would magically appear and it that beetle!”

Thankfully we managed to get into our room without that beetle following us, or laying eggs in our ears… we won…TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

The Bermudan Snail

While strolling down a hill in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, we spotted this little big snail crawling up a stem. 

We don’t get many snails in shell that climb up stems in our neck of Brooklyn, so when we spotted this guy all we could think was… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

The Manhattan Grasshopper

There aren’t many places to spot a grasshopper in Manhattan.

Yet we spotted this young grasshopper the size of a iced coffee to-go cup along Broadway in Soho.  Go figure.

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