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Creepy Facebook Sponsored Post

We are not fans of the suggested (sponsored) posts on Facebook.  For instance, Facebook is under the impression that we are interested in the below ad from some joint called Levinsky’s.  We could not be further disinterested in them.

creepy facebook sponsored post

Aside from Levinsky’s offering the impossible “seperates” we find it awkward and are offended that Facebook is showing us bikinis meant for underage/teenage girls and is suggesting that we “like” it.

It gives off the illusion that someone in Palo Alto put together an algorithm that said: 32-year-old + pale white man + married + hates being in the sun = perfect potential young miss bikini shopper.

Thanks Facebook nerds who don’t pay their fair share of taxes on the billions of dollars that you earn, you’ve thoroughly creeped us out.

The Robert Mondavi Winery

In keeping up with this weekend’s theme of trying to visually block out thoughts of the New York summer that is about to unleash hazy/hot/humid/muggy/sidewalk stinks of feces/balls sticking to the inner thigh sort of weather.  We’re California thinking.

That the main visitor building of the Robert Mondavi Winery.

Wine + perfect weather + surrounded by paradise = 41.  That’s how you do math after a day full of wine touring.

Mickey Mouse Is A Californian

In the busy and warped world in which we live today, it’s easy to forget the simple things in life…

Like the fact that Mickey Mouse is a Californian — thankfully someone in the Gowanus happily reminded us of Mr. Mouse’s background.

Napa Valley

If you left your heart in San Francisco, then you probably left you drinking elbow in Napa Valley.


NYC Catching Up To SF Views

Ever since we got back from San Francisco last year, we’ve longed for there to be a spot within New York City that could come close to meshing natural (or faux natural) beauty with an iconic scene of the city.

Well, Brooklyn Bridge Park has finally done it.

Now if only the San Francisco mindset and weather could be found here in large quantities…that would be awesome.

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