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NYC Looks Like Oz

Here’s the scene, the lake at Central Park, on a day when temperatures reached 115 degrees.

It’s oddly reminiscent of the Return to Oz.  The only thing missing is the headless queen, and monkeys on rollerskates.

Central Park’s Green Lake

Whenever we pass a green body of water in Central Park, we cannot help wish that Swamp Thing was real and would pop up out of the water.

Enjoy your weekend, and be on the lookout for Swamp Thing!

The Orange Fly

We aren’t sure what type of insect this orange fly is, but we digg it.

And what we find even more intriguing about this orange fly, is the fact that it lives above and around a green lake in Central Park.  One would logically think that it would be green brecause of this, but it defies logic… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

Ginger’s Rowboat

There’s ginger and alabaster in them there Central Park waters!

And they’re mobile.  Be careful out there, Manhattanites!

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