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Tree Porn: Gene Shalit

We’re constantly amazed at the many things that grow on the side of a tree.

Gene Shalit, you’ve got a friend in this tree!


Here are some pre-flowers on a grape-vine.

These tiny, little balls of green will grow, become flowers, be pollinated by little insects, and then become grapes which will then be turned into wine… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Each year we enjoy drawing a hand turkey, because parts of our brain are stuck to that of a four year old.  Well, this year we found a poster that someone else has drawn, and well, it looks simply awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Chacras Argentina Street Scene

If we ever won am enormous Powerball jackpot, we’d want to have a bunch of small buildings on our property painted nice in nice pastels like this.

It would be like living in a field of Crayola!

The Pink Rose Bloom

While staying in Chacras, Argentina, we went for an early morning walk and stumbled across this beautiful pink rose bloom.

It’s sight was a perfect way to start the day, and hopefully it’s sight is a perfect way to start a weekend… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

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