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Greatest Mets Game Ever

Yesterday we attended the last game of the Mets’ 2010 pitiful season, and it was quite possibly the best baseball game that we’ve ever been to.  They went a horrific 14 innings in a 1-1 tie, and we got to take part in a rare 14th inning stretch — which is a far more energetic and jovial stretch than a 7th inning stretch.

Plus, after months of anticipation, the small crowd that remained of the small crowd in attendance finally got to have their (hopefully) final booing of Ollie Perez and Jerry Manuel.

Now we can only hope that the Mets organization will have the brainpower to keep the great pitcher and fan favorite, R.A. Dickey until he decides to retire.

Epic Skies

This was the sunset on 9-11-2010.

The sky was epic…

A Citi Field Sunset

We are fascinated at how things can change so abruptly with a sunset or a sunrise.  This cloud was one large, puffy, white, and lingering mountain above Citi Field for the hour prior to the sun setting.  Then once the sun officially plunked down over the horizon the cloud was swept away.



Butterfly In The Sky

Last weekend we noticed that a monarch butterfly decided to take in some of the Astros vs. Mets game at Citi Field for a few minutes.

Don’t see it?

It was very high up in the sky, conserving energy by not fluttering, and coasting along through the sky out towards the Pepsi Porch in right field… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

Giant Geico Gecko

There’s something about a doe-eyed gecko that appeals to everyone, and there’s something even more appealing about a giant doe-eyed gecko that makes everyone simply go, awww.

Here’s to you, Mr. Geico Gecko.

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