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The Crazy Sausage

“Chorizo de Locos”

Those words were the first words spoken by Baby Jesus in the manger — he was years ahead of the curve.

Grossest Thing You’ve Ever Seen!

We’ve seen a lot of crazy and off the wall things in life while living here in New York City, perhaps more than people who live elsewhere, perhaps not.

That said, we saw something that blew our mind away.  Seriously, it was utterly disgusting, made us do a triple take and then forced us to snap a photo of it.

It was really, really, REALLY gross to see in real life and it has somehow managed to be even more disgusting in the form of a digital photograph.

It was so gross that we are putting this photo of the first snowbell bloom from our garden up so that you don’t have to see the disgusting act for yourself.

However, should you find yourself feeling a little frisky or a little bit adventurous, feel free to click on the read more button and see all of the grossness for yourself; but you’ve been warned, it’s seriously up there with the grossest things we’ve ever seen!

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Crazy Super: ‘Don’t Vote Bloomberg…Kill The Motherf*cker’ Instead

The crankiest former super has been up to some to dangerous activity today — he’s working the polls and trying to start a rebellion.  We saw him working the polls this morning at P.S. 185 on Ridge Blvd. and 86th Street (he’ll probably be there until 9PM tonight) and since then we spotted several signs that appear to be his work taped up along 3rd Avenue. 

Yes, the man who doesn’t pick his dog poop up and who locked all of the full garbage cans inside of the building that he lives in to spite his fellow tenants works the polls each year to help keep democracy going — but that’s not the juicy part, this is…


To quote the poor penmanship sans caps:

“I urge all New Yorkers not to vote for Bloomberg on 11-3-09, he raised sales tax 2x last 4yrs, closed fire houses, raised your cigarette prices, trash cans not getting picked up but 1x a day & none on wkends. rent stabilized apts. getting hit hard every yr. with high rent increases, because of his puppets, new ball parks built for Mets & Yanks & Ground Zero is still Ground Zero.  He runs a very corrupt police dept.  Ray Kelly belongs in a jail cell next to Bernie Kerik.  His cops are a bunch of drunks killing people, he did nothing to stop MTA from raising fares in 8 yrs.  If Yanks win World Series, he probably will have a parade.  Remember, the city is very broke.  Keep this in mind on Tues. 11-3-09  Kill the Motherf*cker”

Now, some of you might be asking if we saw the Crazy Super Signs author writing these signs or hanging them up.  To that, we must answer an astounding NO. 

That said, we do have a rather extensive library of his handwritten ramblings that go back over two plus years and have read his work extensively for years prior to that.  Using those as a frame of reference, it would appear as though this ‘Kill the m-f’er’ sign was done by him. 

Don’t think that there was only one of these signs taped up.  Here’s another sign that lacks the ‘Kill the m-f’er.’  We find this lack of conviction of the part of the author to be quite purplexing.  All of the signs that we saw today appeared to be photocopies, this means that he ran off a few, then realized that he forgot one last detail and ran off several more.  Go figure.

We know of three others that were torn down throughout the day.

Happy Election Day!!!

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