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Crack Houses Gone, Bridge View In

It took nearly a month of construction to dismantle the double lot on 93rd Street in Bay Ridge that housed the Bay Ridge Crack House.

We’ve seen similar old houses in the neighborhood taken down in one day, hopefully the relatively snail pace means that much of the old houses were taken down in a way that allows much of the wood to be salvaged into another structure.

In any event, several properties on the north end of 93rd Street can now lay claim to having a  view of the Verrazano Bridge.

Which is more than the Bridgeview Diner can say…

Half Off Crack House

Things are half off the old Bay Ridge crack house on 93rd Street.

Lore has it that the only way to free the souls of a thousand skells trapped in the walls of a crack house is to break the foundation into tiny pieces.

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Bay Ridge Crack House Demo Update

With a week of demo construction under way, it appears as though the two old wood frame houses that were lost due to criminal greed have a short amount of time left on Earth.

Fedders air conditioners (yack!), are one step closer to becoming a reality, though, we suspect that before any construction begins on new units, the new owners of this property will try to buy out the pink would frame house to the right so that they can build even more Fedders.

Crackheads and Drug Dealers vs. Fedders Air Conditioning Inhabitants = No winners.


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