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Doggy Bags

Ever wonder what happens to dogs when they die?  Well, we have some sad news for you.  They don’t all go to heaven.  Some of them, if not most, become plastic bags.

doggy bags

Their tails are what makes plastic bags so good for disposing of dog poop.  Such is life…

Manhattan Bridge Painting

This building, located beneath the Manhattan Bridge, is labeled as being “Bridge Painting.”

manhattan bridge painting

We wonder where the building that is labeled “Building Painting” is located.

Gangnam Style Graffiti

Someone who calls themselves Tripel, which means”Strong Pale Ale” has gone gangnam style with Psy.

psy gangnam style graffiti

We aren’t sure why Psy hasn’t sailed off into the sunset in search of the Baha Men yet, but that day will come.

DUMBO’s Rock Beach

We hope that you’ve managed to find some cool and refreshing shoreline to spend your three day Memorial Day Weekend at.

But if you haven’t, you can always venture over the DUMBO’s rock beach and stub your toes while (most likely illegally) stepping into the East River.

DUMBO, Brooklyn

This is DUMBO, Brooklyn.

While down there, we overheard a man on a cellphone saying that he was in DAMNBO, Brooklyn — which if you’re poor and cannot afford a one million dollar apartment, sounds about right.  DAMNBO!

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