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The Red Light Special

Ten years ago today, America happened to begin bombing the daylights out of Afghanistan, and as luck had it, we happened to make this short satire on the very same day.   Ten years later, you might recognize some of the folks in it, and we hope that you enjoy the film.

Also, um… when can we bring home the troops?

The Love King

If you’ve ever wondered what love looked like, well, this is it:

This is the physical embodiment of love, dressed as a king.

The Urban Stallion

We spotted this red stallion down on Main Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

It’s a beast that is already contained!  ZING!

John Lennon’s Peanut Butter Peace

We believe that it was the late great John Lennon who once said that he wanted to live in a world of peace…

Peanuttt (with three T’s) butter peace…

But, that whole John Lennon part could be wrong.

Stephen: A Name

We hope that Stephen is a proud supporter of his name being pronounced with the “ph” as an “f.”

Because there’s nothing worse than a Stephen being called a Steven, except for maybe an Aaron being called Erin.

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