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Happy Earth Day 2012

With Earth Day 2012 being upon us, we’d like to remind you that you can presently live in the future by way of having your electricity be generated from clean sources of renewable electricity — wind, solar and hydroelectric.  All you need to do is sign up online — no new wiring needs to get done.

We’ve been having our electricity sourced 100% from wind power since 2007.  Our electricity bill is never outrageous, and by using wind power as our source of electricity we are helping save the environment that we live around.  Knowing that we aren’t causing coal to burn into our atmosphere and that nuclear waste is not being generated by watching television or having things frozen in our freezer feels good.

And if having yourself feeling good isn’t enough of a reason to switch to a clean source of electricity, switch to a clean source of electricity so that New York State can finally close the dangerous Indian Point nuclear power plant, which is just a little bit north of NYC.  Indian Point is an old, outdated source of electricity that has never been safe.  As long as Indian Point remains active, the risk of a terrible accidental death is higher to everyone within 80 miles of it — read all about how you can help close Indian Point over on Riverkeeper.

If you have ConEdison as your electricity provider, click here to sign up for clean, renewable energy.  If you’d like to learn more about clean and renewable sources of electricity that ConEdison can provide you, click here.

We’d like to quote our post from last year… ahem“don’t be a douche, use wind power!”

Happy Earth Day 2011

With the fact that our planet is currently in the middle of another nuclear disaster thanks to the damaged reactors in Fukushima, Japan, and it being Earth Day, we thought we’d talk about the fact that there is a nuclear power plant way too close to New York City that NEEDS to be shut down eventually.  One way that we’d love to see that happen is by the expansion in use of wind power, after all, we do need a safe renewable energy source to offset the electric power that Indian Point generates for us.

We’ve personally been using wind power as our source of electricity since 2007, and yes, we’re able to do so by living in Brooklyn, N. Y.

If more of us switch to wind power, we will see a continued investment in the construction of new wind turbines and wind farms — and that will force the government to not have to renew the operating license at Indian Point.  Unlike the nuclear power plant at Indian Point, you won’t ever have to worry about a wind turbine emitting radiation that can kill us some 50 miles away.  Wind is clean, always in the air, and I.O.H.O. the best energy source of our generation, for our generation.

As for cost, the wind power that we’ve been purchasing into the Con Edison system has gotten less expensive over the years, we only pay 13.1 cents per kWh for our wind power, all year round.  We never have to worry about the spike in kWh cost that the summer months bring about for those foolish enough to still use the dirty forms of electricity.

So, if you haven’t already been able to switch to wind power, please do so.  Wind power is safe, not a sci-fi myth, and it is an absolutely reliable source of electricity for all of us to use.  And, if you live within the five boroughs of New York City, please read this post about how easy it was for us to switch from coal/gas/nuclear forms of electricity to all wind.

In closing, we need to put it bluntly, “don’t be a douche, use wind power!”

Go Green For You And Yours

Given that it is Earth Day, we want to remind you that you can easily help go green and limit your carbon footprint by switching to wind power as a source of electricity. 


We made the switch years ago and have 100% of our electrical usage coming to us via wind power by way of the Con Edison electrical network — instead of the old fashion nuclear and cold power plants.

It’s not some mythical science that doesn’t exist or something that costs an arm or a leg to have.    In fact, it became much less costly last year over the year before — read our post from last summer that covers how it became less costly.

Wouldn’t you feel better about running a dishwasher or your hair dryer knowing that more nuclear waste wasn’t going to come from it?  We hope so!

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