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We recently needed to find out when the latest addition of the Chief came out to the stands so that we could read a very specific article.  The Chief is a completely different newspaper than the New York Times.  That said, this is what happens when you get people writing answers for who have no clue about New York City.

ask com fail
Thanks, internet.  Jeeves must be rolling over in his grave…

Facebook Says Politician Is Pro-Suicide

We’ve known John Mancuso for nearly 20 years.  He’s an all around good guy.  He has been campaigning hard to win a seat on the City Council to represent Staten Island.  He is also a victim of a most horrifically funny Facebook link issue.

politician wants suicide

We highly doubt that Mancuso is pro-suicide.  But thank you, Facebook, for putting the possibility of it into the world.

Epic Facebook Fail

Facebook decided to ask me where we went to college.

epic facebook fail

One of the answers that it gave was a high school.  Epic Facebook fail!

Littering Is Allowed In Red Hook

We came across these signs in the park surrounding Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  The signs are definitely giving us mixed signals, because they are in effect telling us that both littering and skareboarding is permitted.

We didn’t want to do either, but the signs are practically twisting our arms to do such things.  This is because whoever designed the signs, placed the no, or negative symbol, behind both the stickman littering without shame, and the stickman who is won heck of a skateboarder.

After all, as we all know, the thing that a sign doesn’t want us to do should be behind the big red circle with the bar cutting OVER it.

Facebook Fail

Last night, there were lots of people reading up on news tragedy on  415 of these people thought that the tragedy of a Special Forces soldier and his daughters dying in their home as it burned down was so good that they then recommended it to their friends on Facebook.

“Hey Jimbo!  You gotta check this awesome news doohickey out!”  Facebook FAIL!!!

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