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Earn Your Master’s Degree In Yawning

The advertisement we found on the subway for LIM College states that LIM College is “Where Business Meets Fashion.”

But what the ad really told us is this, “LIM College, Where The Fashion Business Makes You Yawn.”

And yes, that woman in the photo made us yawn both while riding the F train, and while we wrote this post.  Yawns, they’re contagious!

The Zebra Outfit

While we wouldn’t want to see any harm go towards any zebra, if this outfit from some Buenos Aires street art was an actual article of clothing, we’d have to get it.

It looks to be on par with the fashions of Milan, Paris and Rome.  Simple and chic.

Rockin’ Red On Red Carpet

We quite possibly committed a major fashion faux-pas by way of wearing our red kicks on this red carpet.

And to make matters worse, the folks in Indonesia who put those sneakers together made everything about two sizes too small of the listed size.

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