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An Important Message Regarding Killer Robots

We found this very important message in the East Village regarding dangerous robots.

Robots will kill.

You’ve been warned.

See The Robot?

While it looks inane…

It COULD very well be a living robot hiding in plain sight! We see a head, a mouth, a nose, two eyes, hair, and a hat of some type in there.  Do you?

Be careful out there.

The Robot Army Grows In Brooklyn

We’ve stumbled across TWO MORE robots in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn of what is likely an invading robot army.  The first appears to be an adult robot, and the second one appears to be a smaller robot who is likely an adolescent in age.

H.U.A.R. get into action before it’s too late!!!

A Robot Grows In Brooklyn

Last month, we spotted a lovable robot on a door inside of the Church Avenue F/G subway station.  Now we’ve come across same said robot on the plywood wall of a construction site in the Gowanus.

Robots get around, and he’s showing off.  Perhaps it’s time for humans to unite against the impending robot invasion…

Robbie The Robot Is The MTA’s Secret Weapon

Last week, while we waited on the temporary middle platform at 4th Avenue and 9th Street for a Coney Island bound F train, we watched the destruction of the southbound local’s old track bed.  We were impressed by the destruction, because it was taking only two men to jack-hammer several hundred feet of track bed — and they were doing it with ease.  Here was their M.O. — one stood on the platform and watched, while the other did the jack-hammering by way of a robot!

We decided to name the robot “Robbie the Robot” and it has four legs, one jack-hammer, walked like a centipede, and was operated by top of the line mid-1980s VCR remote control technology — a remote control that had a long hardwire connected to the machine.  WAY COOL!

Now, let’s just hope that Robbie the Robot doesn’t turn on us and break free.  We don’t need any Planet of the Robots type of future.

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