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Creepy Facebook Sponsored Post

We are not fans of the suggested (sponsored) posts on Facebook.  For instance, Facebook is under the impression that we are interested in the below ad from some joint called Levinsky’s.  We could not be further disinterested in them.

creepy facebook sponsored post

Aside from Levinsky’s offering the impossible “seperates” we find it awkward and are offended that Facebook is showing us bikinis meant for underage/teenage girls and is suggesting that we “like” it.

It gives off the illusion that someone in Palo Alto put together an algorithm that said: 32-year-old + pale white man + married + hates being in the sun = perfect potential young miss bikini shopper.

Thanks Facebook nerds who don’t pay their fair share of taxes on the billions of dollars that you earn, you’ve thoroughly creeped us out.

Love In The Modern World

We came across these two iPhone-ing outside of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Mulberry Street.  The photo is a reflection shot, some might even call it a self-elbow shot.

In any event, this is what love looks like in the modern world.

Facebook Fail

Last night, there were lots of people reading up on news tragedy on  415 of these people thought that the tragedy of a Special Forces soldier and his daughters dying in their home as it burned down was so good that they then recommended it to their friends on Facebook.

“Hey Jimbo!  You gotta check this awesome news doohickey out!”  Facebook FAIL!!!

How To Stop Spam Texting

We have a long history of pure distaste for those who choose to use our cell phone to send us spam phone calls and text messages.  This is due in part to our number being on a national do not call list, and also due to the fact that the people behind these messages tend to be scam artists.  Given this latter piece of information, when we got a spam text from 571-236-1707, we decided to see who was on the other end of the line, and sent them a text reply.

It’s been more than ten days since we sent our reply.  Since then, we haven’t received a spam text from anyone — all has been quiet on the text spammer front.  So, just as a “penis hands” comment is a faux pas that would end most any conversation in real life, it seems to work well in text form too.

Lesson learned!

How AT&T Wireless Became Our Alarm Clock

Who needs an alarm clock when you have AT&T Wireless as a cell phone service provider…

They managed to wake us up in the middle of the night three times this month — someone outsourced to India must have thought that they were sending us this nonsense during the middle of our work day, which is some eight and a half hours behind their work day — either that, or someone in the US is just a giant jerk and purposely planned it out that way, which is possible too.

AT&T, thanks a lot!

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