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Lomography, Brooklyn

If we were to ever win a huge Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot, one of the hobbies that we would get WAY more into is Lomography, which is a type of photography that uses old school film (those iPhone apps claiming to be Lomo don’t compare to the real thing).  Film processing is simply way out of our league in price nowadays, since our index finger has grown accustomed to the many clicks our digital camera allows and film has only 35 slides.

We created this scene by wandering around Bay Ridge, Brooklyn one morning…enjoy!

9-11 Towers Of Light

We were in a fisheye photo mood last night along the Brooklyn Promenade as we admired the towers of light.

Since we don’t have the proper equipment for nighttime photography we weren’t sure how the images would come out due to our primitive nighttime set up.  Thankfully, odd luck occurred, and the shots came out in a lomo-style, which we quite enjoy.

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