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Jessica Rabbit Versus Bugs Bunny

Both Jessica Rabbit and Bugs Bunny may have been gun toting lovers, or they may have simply got involved with the wrong crowd.

jessica rabbit vs bugs bunny

Or, they may be having Manhattan’s last duel on a Chinatown rooftop.  Either way, don’t mess with Jessica Rabbit, or her boo, Bugs Bunny.

Manhattan Bridge Painting

This building, located beneath the Manhattan Bridge, is labeled as being “Bridge Painting.”

manhattan bridge painting

We wonder where the building that is labeled “Building Painting” is located.

A Tale Of Two Construction Projects

While taking a stroll over the Manhattan Bridge on a cold winter day, we got to see the old and the new getting work done.

freedom tower and brooklyn bridge construction

The still not yet finished Freedom Tower is in the background, while the 129 year old Brooklyn Bridge is in the foreground.

DUMBO, Brooklyn

This is DUMBO, Brooklyn.

While down there, we overheard a man on a cellphone saying that he was in DAMNBO, Brooklyn — which if you’re poor and cannot afford a one million dollar apartment, sounds about right.  DAMNBO!

The Bridge Of Decaying Confidence

Ladies and Gents, allow us to introduce you to the underbelly of the Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn trestle.

And based off of the several thousand times that we’ve crossed the bridge, we think that it should be renamed, The Bridge of Decaying Confidence, in large part to the way that the bridge jumps when an overweight truck speeds across it.

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