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The Time We Ran Into Alex Rodriguez

With baseball season upon us, we would like to take a moment to discuss baseball’s most hated man: A-Rod.

Alex Rodriguez
[image via: atlantablackstar]

We are not fans of A-Rod the player.  He, along with many other greedy players and owners have sullied the sport and chipped away at the fun of watching baseball.  At the same time, we had a run in with A-Rod this winter that let us form an opinion of A-Rod the man.  It is our one and only time that our paths have crossed.

We were in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  At 6th Avenue and Sterling Place to be exact.  We were standing at the southeastern corner waiting for the light to change so that we could safely cross to the southwestern corner of 6th Avenue.  The light changed to green and we noticed that one single black BMW was waiting for the light with us.  We were far from a rush and know that BMW drivers tend to be d!cks who will cut pedestrians off to pass in front, so we decided to wave and let the car go in front of us.  The driver waved back to signal for us to cross.  It was at this moment that we realized that the driver was Mr. Suspension himself, Alex Rodriguez.  Now this game of politeness became real.

We waved the car on a second time.  Then he waved back a second time.  So we waved a third time and the BMW began to cross in front of us.  We won the battle of politeness, or so we thought.  A-Rod though, being the man who needs to win, decided to throw us up a thank you wave and smile.  He got the last laugh and won at our game of politeness.

A-Rod: jerk of a baseball player, but also good person who is top of the line when it comes to pedestrians having the right of way in NYC.  Go figure – and no, this is not a fake post for April Fools.

Fantasy Baseball > MLB

We are pumped that baseball is back underway for 2013.  More specifically, we are more excited that Fantasy baseball is back.

mlb fantasy baseball 2013

After being league champion last year (and three of the last four years), we expect good things.  And, we’ve already started off on the right foot.

Because crunching numbers all day long for fun is WAY better than sitting in a hot stadium watching a boring game with a bunch of drunks and kids all around…

World’s Worst Multitasker

We came across the world’s worst multitasker while at the New York Mets game on Sunday.

While the above photo was taken as officials were finalizing the field before the start of the game, this man continued to watch and listen to the INDY 500 during the first three innings as we sat behind him (we got up and went elsewhere due to the heat).  The dude spent money to sit at a baseball game and watch another sporting event altogether.  Worst multitasker ever!

Or, this could simply be proof that Major League Baseball is too boring to watch…

Mets Banner Day 2012

Today the New York Mets held Banner Day for the first time since 1996.  We lined up with several hundred other fans and marched around Citi Field with banners for the fun of it and to compete for the chance to win a trip to Spring Training 2013.  Here is the winning banner.

[Image via: Facebook]

We must admit that the winning banner is a great banner, and that the two runner ups, along with scores of other banners were all great banners as well.

What strikes us most about this banner isn’t that it was better than others.  What strikes us most is that this banner exploits the memories of 9/11 to win a prize.  Not only that, but the four official judges and the many fans who voted for this banner to win via text message were easily exploited by their memory of 9/11 to allow these people to win a prize.

So, add another asterisk to the history books regarding 9/11: nearly 3,000 people died in terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  Countless others have died after the original deaths were exploited for war, greed and stupidity.  And now, two people are going to Spring Training thanks to successfully exploiting the tragedy as well.

Exploitation… C’est la vie.

The Mets Official Cheez Doodle

With the New York Mets being four games above .500 this season, it’s looking to be a successful season, which is something that couldn’t be said in many years due to Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel screwing up the team more and more with each passing minute.  But Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins have been trying to fix their inherited mess for over a year now, and it’s clearly getting better.  There’s hope for the team full of young men who want to play, who play hard and who want to win.  But we think that there’s another secret reason for the success: the Mets have finally decided on an Official Cheez Doodle!

Yes, the secret to success in all aspects of life is knowing who you have as an Official Cheez Doodle.  I can haz cheez doodle!

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