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The Door Monster

It’s always good when monsters have an easy name to both remember and say, like Tony G. – the door monster.

With a name like Tony G., it shouldn’t be any surprise to find out that he is a New Yorker.  He currently resides on Broome Street.  No word on whether or not Tony is a legitimate, or illegitimate son (or even has any relation) of Mr. G. — the channel 11 weather guy.

Bortusk Leer Monster Art

It’s been a while since we came across some of Bortusk Leer’s monster art, and we were certainly happy to find a slew of new (to us) pieces of his work down in DUMBO, Brooklyn during a recent visit.

We love his work, and the fact that he doesn’t make pieces that are too complicated to be meaningful.

For more info: Bortusk Leer’s official site.

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