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Man Rings In New Year As Biggest Fool

While waiting for the ball to drop at midnight to mark the new year, we caught a man holding this sign on Carson “I’m a massive tool” Daly’s show.

times square new years 2014
You da man, buddy.  We certainly hope that you set up the DVR to capture your 15 minutes of fame by being the biggest fool of the year for that typo.  God bless.

Counting To Infinity

Happy 2013!

infinity symbol
[image via:]

Since we have begun another year today, we thought that it would be fun to see how high we (ourselves and all of our readers) can count this year.  Maybe we could count so high that we reach infinity.  INFINITY!!!

Feel free to join in, we’ll get the ball rolling…


Happy 2012

Happy New Year!  And welcome to the year 2012!

From all of us in Gun Toting Blue Monkeyland, with love, to you!

Goodbye 2011

Whether you’ve had a good, or a bad 2011, you should be able to relate to these droopy boobs that we found on a lamp post in Buenos Aires.

If you’ve had a bad year, you’re probably saying, “Goddamn droopy boobs!”  And if you’ve had a good year, you’re probably saying, “hehe, droopy boobies!”

We hope that 2011 has been good to you and yours, and that 2012 will bring you everything that you want.  Til then…

Start The New Year Right

We cannot think of a better way to ring in the new year than to start off with a spectacular photo of a sunset at the Verrazano Bridge — sunrises happen WAY too early.

Happy New Year!!!

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