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Does the United States Censor The Internet?

Sometimes we wonder how free we actually are here in the United States, especially when it comes to the freedom of the internet.

drones killing innocents

We find it odd that there are always readily available working links to the bad things occurring at the hands of other governments, yet whenever stories like the one pictured on the CNN homepage come our way that discusses the bad deeds that our government does on our supposed behalf, we are met with an error message.

internet censorship

And it’s not just CNN, we find these “error” pages to be quite common across the board when it comes to articles about the really bad deeds done by the government.  We wish that we could easily read them, but… something or someone usually makes it quite difficult and or impossible to do.   We find it all very odd.

Facebook Fail

Last night, there were lots of people reading up on news tragedy on  415 of these people thought that the tragedy of a Special Forces soldier and his daughters dying in their home as it burned down was so good that they then recommended it to their friends on Facebook.

“Hey Jimbo!  You gotta check this awesome news doohickey out!”  Facebook FAIL!!!

The Catwoman Of The News

Here’s another reason to watch CBS 2 News in the New York City area…

They have a catwoman working their anchor desk!  And her name is Ms. Catwoman.

The Door Monster

It’s always good when monsters have an easy name to both remember and say, like Tony G. – the door monster.

With a name like Tony G., it shouldn’t be any surprise to find out that he is a New Yorker.  He currently resides on Broome Street.  No word on whether or not Tony is a legitimate, or illegitimate son (or even has any relation) of Mr. G. — the channel 11 weather guy.


If you’ve been paying any mind to TMZ this weekend you’ve noticed that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been all over it.

The dude is being Roethlisbergered, which is his second time being Roethlisbergered! 

At least this mosaic of the Roethlisberger family name that hangs in Tribeca will never be Roethlisbergered.

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