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D-bags Blooming Along The High Line

Spring is in the air here in NYC, and we caught a glimpse of an invasive species already in bloom along the High Line — DBAGIS GIGANTIS .

Here’s a closer view of the two specimen.

DBAGIS GIGANTIS is thought to have originated thousands of years ago in Europe, and migrated to North America several hundred years ago via trade winds and bird droppings.  DBAGIS GIGANTIS will bump into people in NYC without apology, be loud and crude, and step over anything meant to protect plants in order to step on said plants that need protection from DBAGIS GIGANTIS

DBAGIS GIGANTIS does all of the above because they think “Hey, this is New York!”  Little does DBAGIS GIGANTIS know, most Native New Yorkers are polite, and respectful of other living things.  Here’s to you, DBAGIS GIGANTIS !!!

Bryant Park’s Frozen Fountain

It is so cold here in New York City today that our wife caught the fountain at Bryant Park frozen.

So much for having the usual January thaw…

Owl’s Head Park Renovated

We strolled through Brooklyn’s Owl’s Head Park recently and noticed that the Parks Department has finally completed the renovations of the patio on top of the park’s moraine.

Though the patio looks really nice, it still doesn’t offer much of a view…

Nothing says wonderful view of Manhattan’s skyline or the Verrazano Bridge (or even the Owl’s Head Poop Plant) like a thicket of overgrown trees and shrubbery obscuring any and all view from the park’s moraine.

Brooklyn Oil Drum

What should one do when they come across an old, rusted out, and empty oil drum?  Use it for photography, of course!

Now that’s what we call seeing Brooklyn through the eyes of a barrel of oil.

Plaque Goes Missing In Bay Ridge

We’re not sure what happened at Brooklyn’s Shore Road Park at 75th Street, but there is clearly a plaque that is missing from this scene.

There’s a flagpole, a cut piece of stone, and no plaque attached to it.  The stone is so smooth that it doesn’t even look as though a plaque was ever attached to it.

So, if you see a plague with a random dedication on it laying out and about, call 311, eh?

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