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Faux Blizzard 2010 [NIGHT PICS]

Despite what the weather predictions were forecast (and schools and businesses being closed), our neck of the woods did not experience a blizzard yesterday.  We just experienced a snow/sleet/frozen rain/ice storm or maybe eight to ten inches. 

The stuff was heavy and quite honestly we’re shocked that more large tree limbs didn’t fail under the weight. 

We snapped a few photos with a new extremely low cost wide angle lens before the snow ended.  The 98% discount on the lens is probably due to the blackened corners that the lens wasn’t created to make when set to the widest setting.  That said, we rather like the vingetting that it creates when it’s set to super wide angle. 

*This first shot was added to ‘Pic of the Year’ — it’s #3.

*If you’re wondering why we say it wasn’t a blizzard, it’s due to the lack of wind that we experienced locally.

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