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Crown Of Thorns Bloom

We have a virtual forest of euphorbia milii aka crown of thorns in our home.  Many of the plants are growing and blooming like crazy, so we took some macro photos of them at various stages using the macro lens from our 52mm wide angle lens attachment.

crown of thorns spikes


crown of thorns bloom macro

New bloom.

crown of thorns bloom

Full bloom.

crown of thorns

Perfect bloom.

Yucca Bloom

It’s been several years since we were graced with the glory of our yucca’s bloom, but this year the little yucca that could finally made it.


Tree Porn: Snuff – Death Of A Weeping Willow

The giant weeping willow that graced the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is no more.

Here it is during happier times.

We noticed the death at the beginning of the Blizzard of 2010, so it wasn’t this past storm that took it out.

We know that the garden had tried to save it several years back, but there must not have been anything else that they could have done to keep it up.  Gone is the “secret” spot that it created by the tiny bridge that many either laid out on or read a book at.

New York City’s Only Street-side Lily Pool

The only street-side lily pool in New York City is at peak right now.

Water lilies blooms, fish, birds and rats drinking from it… TOTAL COOLNESS!!!

Big Fat Bee

Here’s a shot of a bee floating around the bloom of a perfectly scented bee balm.


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