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Ducks Playing Tennis

If we didn’t know better, and knew that there is no way that ducks could possibly play tennis, then we’d think that we had stumbled across a game of tennis between two ducks at Fido Beach in Prospect Park.

Ducks playing tennis…

On Mother’s Day…

It’s that time of year again, when the land is covered pink without any sort of tickling. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Art Of Losing

After using the restroom inside of the Prospect Park Zoo, we tried to wash our hands, but couldn’t get water to come out of this faucet.

Since there were zero knobs to turn the water on, we put our hands beneath the faucet, hoping that water would come out.  When that didn’t work, we waved our hands beneath it, hoping that it would be turned on via a motion detector that needed a lot of motion.  When that didn’t work, we took a closer look and saw that the faucet said “speakman” so we did just that.

“Water on.”  Nothing.

“Seriously, turn the water on!”  Still nothing.

This caused us to lean in closer and shout, “TURN THE WATER ON, PLEASE!  YOU SAY SPEAKMAN SO WE’RE SPEAKING BUT YOU AREN’T LISTENING!!!”  Yet again, nothing, so we snapped this photo of the unfazed and stubborn water faucet, the one that does not bow to motions, or voice. 

Water Faucet: 1 / Beehive: 0

Public Bathroom To Drive High End Real Estate Sales

When it comes to real estate in New York City, it’s all about change.  Nearly every inch of real estate within city limits has someone itching to do something to it that will leave an indelible mark on it to last a generation or less, and no, that’s not a typo — not much lasts in this city of ours.  Speaking of change, we spotted the new public bathroom on Grand Army Plaza that looks a lot like a bus shelter on steroids. 

We are almost certain that this bathroom, which is in view of One Grand Plaza, will do wonders to help drive the sales of the many million dollar apartments that are still available.  Once word spreads, nothing but rich voyeurs will have bought out the glass apartment house to spy on everyone who needs to do their private business in a public glass box.  It’s a perfect storm.

John Lennon Died Tonight

29 years ago. 

I imagine that this hand carved tribute to him along the wall of Prospect Park at 11th Street took just about all night long.  I hope the carver was finally able to get over the loss that they felt, and boy oh boy, that carving must have been just about the most cathartic experience ever for them.

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