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The King Is Down!

Last year we posted about this cheesy Power Express Discount Mortgage Supermarket billboard.

Well, the King has fallen, and has been hanging precariously for approximately a month and a half now at 378 93rd Street, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

It’s a shining example of how in New York City, when it comes to real estate, anyone can do just about anything without any repercussion. 

Having said that, we hope that this billboard doesn’t fall off completely, and land on a car.  That could lead to some horrific results — worse results than that Fedders styled architecture!

Subway History Painted Over

It has happened once again.  Something that we took for granted is now gone.  This time in the form of the decades old painted ad that adorned the entrance to the R train at 95th Street.   

[Above image via: Bay Ridge Journal]

It was there for as long as we can remember, and we enjoyed assuming that it was the same ad that our grandfather used to see in the 1930s as he entered that station.

A frozen crevice now adorns the location, and we don’t think that anyone knows why…

Lady Gaga’s Moustache

For the past year or so, someone, or a group of people, have been meticulously drawing a moustache on the face of most anyone on a public advertisement. While we’ve seen it on the NYC subway pretty much all over the place, we were shocked to find it on Lady Gaga’s face in SoHo.

Particularly because this billboard is approximately eight to ten feet up off of the sidewalk.

So either the moustache bandit is ten feet tall, or someone happens to always have an inconspicuous ladder with them at all times.  Either way, bravo!

Manhattan Mini Storage Badvertising

We are confused as all heck by this Manhattan Mini Storage billboard.  What six professional sports teams does New York City have?  We count 1) Knicks, 2) Rangers 3) Some WNBA Team 4) Yankees.  That’s four.  The Jets and Giants both play in New Jersey, and if you were to count them, then you’d have to count the Nets, Devils and the Redbulls.  That would bring the count to nine.  This whole notion of six teams and also the Mets sure does have us scratching our heads.

In any event, what this Manhattan Mini Storage billboard is really trying to say is this: “Pay us $29 a month at bare minimum to house your worthless crap.  We love crap.  Please give us money to store your crap.”

Damn, we missed out on our calling in the advertising field.  We probably could have won an award with our “useless crap” ad campaign.

Sunday Morning Cup Of Jim Joe

Around this time last year, we saw our tag of Jim Joe.  We then saw about 50 other Jim Joe tags that very same day as we walked down 4th Avenue and later, Lafayette in Manhattan.  A year later, Jim Joe is still everywhere and seems to be growing with each day.

And we really kind of hope that this is all the work of some 60-something year old coke-head who simply enjoys tagging up the streets of Manhattan.  A boy can dream, right?

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