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Paul Frank Is Your Friend

We’re out of the loop and live in our own bubble.  Given this, we had no idea who, or what, Paul Frank was.  But since he claims to be our friend, we looked him up.

He and his industries are not our type, but thanks for your unwanted friendship?

Britney Spears Lives On In Bar Bathroom!

About two years ago a coworker of ours gave us some stickers that simply read, ‘Britney Spears.’  A friend of his made them up to create a pyramid scheme of sorts so that stickers would be passed out far and wide which would in turn lead to the stickers ending up, in theory, all over the place.

While we’ve seen them in the Union Square subway station and other public places, we only ever put two of these stickers up — both times it was in 2008 and inside a men’s bathroom at random bars.

One such sticker that we put up has magically survived inside the bathroom of Grassroots on St. Marks.

It was put up in Augist of 2008 and for some odd reason has had luck on its side.  Within an hour of being up it foiled an attempt to be written on with a purple magic marker, and when we last saw it in March of 2009 we thought that it had only days to live.

While all of the other stickers were removed from the bathroom this one managed to stay up, magically! 

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