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The Philistines Of Brooklyn

With each new wave of people who move into Brooklyn, the people who get squeezed out tend to say “This neighborhood isn’t what it used to be, it’s going to hell now!  Do you see all the ___xyz___ that’s living here now?”  They say this even if the people who used to live in an area were murderous, drug dealing Italians, and the new wave being murderous, drug dealing West Indians — both of which pretending to be God-fearing people.

Anyway, point being, living in Brooklyn, nothing changes, just the make-up of people on the outside.  On the inside, as a whole, everything is always just the same,  uninformed, ignorant, philistines, with a usual hint a$$holery, who masquerade as wannabe high-class citizens.

Case in point: this video that some fool from Bay Ridge uploaded onto YouTube.  It takes place on Bay Ridge Avenue between 3rd and 4th Avenue — nearer the corner of 4th.

Same people, different skin.

I Hate NYC #55 – Pandering To The Middle

If it weren’t for tourists and the living dead who move to NYC “for the experience” who need to try to be like a New Yorker, this BK Whopper Bar in Times Square would not exist.

If you need us, you’ll find us at the local Dave & Buster’s —  you know, where all of the “real” New Yorkers who you came to see and emulate hang out.  We’ll be holding our annual making fun of people trying to hail down an occupied cab event.

Brooklyn’s Crazy Political Sign

We loathe talking about political views with people, or being in the vicinity of people who discuss their political views.  This is mainly because 99% of all people are misinformed about politics and as such it almost always ends up becoming an annoyingly heated conversation that is worse than talking to a brick wall.  With this is mind, we spotted these signs scattered across Republican-heavy Bay Ridge this past week.

The author probably smiled with joy at their “rats” line and thought that they were going to enlighten everyone to the “truth” and probably even busted a nut laughing at the “OBUMA’S” line.

The only good news about this sign is that the author’s most trusted advisers are likely the fish in his home aquarium who agree to everything that he says and putting up these signs was his “big night out” for the year.

Target: Not Paying People To Think Or Read

This is the number one reason why big box stores should stop paying their employees low wages to not think:

That’s the fire exit at the Target inside of Brooklyn’s Atlantic Center as it looked yesterday afternoon.

The doors are marked with a red sign stating that it should not be blocked due to it being a fire exit and yet all of the summer furniture was blocking the fire exit.  You know, because if there was a fire and you needed to run out of the nearest exit in a hurry you’d probably want to buy a wicker chair at 50% off before it burns up.

Chick High On Painkillers At Dentist

Last year the world was gripped by the hilarity of David after his dentist appointment, which you can view here if you’ve been living in a world sans electricity for the past year and a half.

David was under some ‘medicine’ that was likely some sort of drugs to help him feel no pain from a dental procedure.  Well, now some older girl/young woman has been taped, apparently high on painkillers and still at the dentist.

The effect, funny to some, though not nearly as funny as it was when it was innocent David since it’s an older gal who looks as though she’d be the sloppy drunk who causes a scene and scream out, “The Village!  We’re in the Village!!!” when out in a group of friends.

If anything, it was really kind of sad to see because it reminds us of how people act while high of recreational drugs — i.e. sloppy, dumb-ass messes.

If the girl in the video is looking to make some money off of her about to blow up meme, we certainly hope that she is looking into the world of anti-drug use PSAs.  She has the perfect look for it!

Somewhere out there, a meth addict just watched this video and found a new hero to hold onto while their teeth fall out.

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