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Finnish Tourists Take Manhattan

While heading towards the Brooklyn Bridge, we came upon a couple of European tourists, most likely Finnish folks, looking at a map, or possibly the guide to a camera, while behind City Hall.

We like to think that their conversation went something along these lines… “I’m a Finnish tourist and I still use cameras that require film.”  “Yes, me too.”

Two Americans In London

In between the scores of obnoxious and rude French tourists, we spotted two Americans in London…

God bless America!

Ginger’s Rowboat

There’s ginger and alabaster in them there Central Park waters!

And they’re mobile.  Be careful out there, Manhattanites!

I Hate NYC #55 – Pandering To The Middle

If it weren’t for tourists and the living dead who move to NYC “for the experience” who need to try to be like a New Yorker, this BK Whopper Bar in Times Square would not exist.

If you need us, you’ll find us at the local Dave & Buster’s —  you know, where all of the “real” New Yorkers who you came to see and emulate hang out.  We’ll be holding our annual making fun of people trying to hail down an occupied cab event.

A Rat’s Eye View Of Times Square

We didn’t heed warning of the signs stating for us locals not to enter Times Square the other day.

We wanted to snap a shot of what a rat’s eye view of the center of the universe looked like.

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