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The Fraternal Twin Towers

This shot of the World Trade Center from Brooklyn makes it look as though Manhattan has a new set of Twin Towers — fraternal twins!  (1WTC and the Frank Gehry fugly building.)

It’s a trick of the angle of course, but check out how close it looks to this photo we found on Flickr from October 1972 when the real Twin Towers were still under construction.

Twin Towers Mural

This is a mural of the Twin Towers near Smith and 9th Street in Brooklyn.

It’s wild to think about what symbols those two towers have been over the decades, and the different symbols they have become over the past ten years.

To quote a protest from 2004, “Make out, not war.”

Freedom Tower Grows

Over the weekend we zipped up the West Side Highway, past the World Trade Center, and saw a great sight — the Freedom Tower is starting to take shape, literally!

After years of wrangling that left everything one massive pit, and then months of nothing but the red beamed base of the tower looking stagnant, the Freedom Tower appears to be about 35 to 40 stories tall.  Plus, we can now clearly see the bottom of the pointed V’s that will make the tower look as though someone did a lanyard barrel to it during summer camp.

Also of note, the 9/11 Memorial is actually taking shape and has risen out of the pit.

Though they’re merely large slabs of concrete, they’re oddly soothing to our eyes that have longed to once again see the exact spot to where the Twin Towers stood, and verify that our memory’s depth perception from the road is indeed correct to where they once were.

Twin Towers Art

While the Twin Towers have long since been fallen, there’s a smaller version of them standing tall in Brooklyn Heights.

Columbia Heights at Middagh Street is the place to see them.

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