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The Robert Mondavi Winery

In keeping up with this weekend’s theme of trying to visually block out thoughts of the New York summer that is about to unleash hazy/hot/humid/muggy/sidewalk stinks of feces/balls sticking to the inner thigh sort of weather.  We’re California thinking.

That the main visitor building of the Robert Mondavi Winery.

Wine + perfect weather + surrounded by paradise = 41.  That’s how you do math after a day full of wine touring.

The Sweetest Ride In San Francisco

With summer upon us here in New York, we are missing the perfection that is San Francisco weather.  To us, a 93 degree San Francisco day feels like a New York 70 degree day.  It’s hot already here, and only going to get hotter before cooling off for winter.  Because of this, we took a peek at some old photos of a San Francisco trip to try to feel that cool air sensation.  In the process, came upon the sweetest ride there was in San Francisco.


Getting Hosed On By God

When we were little kids in Brooklyn, and rode our bikes in a constant loop around the block, having a neighbor turn the hose on us was a fun prank that everyone enjoyed.  But we’re adult-ish now, and it’s no longer fun to get hosed — yet we got hosed by God last night with a freak of nature thunderstorm.  Well done, sir! 

Last night God managed to convince us to not go back to our office for the umbrella that we left there because it was sunny.  Then within 20 minutes, it was an all out war of the worlds with two-inch wide rain drops that caused traffic to stop, the street to become streams, and people to run like gazelles.  Way to go with that hose, God.

Bryant Park’s Frozen Fountain

It is so cold here in New York City today that our wife caught the fountain at Bryant Park frozen.

So much for having the usual January thaw…

NYC Tornado?

This evening New York City’s rush hour had the sky turn black, lightning crash man a time, hail fall down, heavy downpours occur and then we heard an eerie sound that reminded us of the rumble from the tornado that struck Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in August of 2007.   That sound made us run down into our basement where we checked the National Weather Service app on our iPhone and saw that we were indeed under a tornado warning.

Once the storm passed we ventured outside to see what damage occurred and after about a mile of walking found only this one modest tree branch fallen in Bay Ridge.

We guess that the previous bad storms over the past three years have knocked most of the bad trees down by now.  Despite this good news for Bay Ridge, the news wasn’t so good for others in the NYC area.  We saw the following Facebook status messages pop up during this time:

Ryan from Manhattan wrote, “Is pretty sure the Apocalypse is hitting NYC right now.”

Jessica from Queens wrote, “Disaster area, broken glass and trees down everywhere.”


Cynthia from Brooklyn wrote, “2 trailers over-turned on BQE.  One smashed into a car before crushing it completely.”  — Which our buddy Simon drove past and said, “the back corner of one of the trucks landed right here (motioning to where the driver’s seat is).  There’s no way someone could have survived that in my eyes.”

“Spiffae” from YouTube posted this video of the storm taken in Cobble Hill.  The action shows how there wasn’t even visibility of across the street during some parts of the storm.

We hope that you’re all fine, dandy, and in one piece!

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