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Freedom Tower At Night – November 2012

When traveling south along the West Side Highway, one can see the Freedom Tower from miles away.

And when there is traffic, it almost becomes a visual mockery of the city, since it takes SO long to go so few miles.   Thankfully, on this night, we left all of the traffic in our dust in New Jersey.

Freedom Tower At Night

While driving down the West Side Highway at night, we are always stunned by the glory of the Freedom Tower, as it is lit up with thousands of white lights during its construction sans windows.

While we personally feel that photos of it at night don’t do it justice, we did the red hue that the vehicle in front gives this shot.

The Naked Lady-Man

So this exists along the West Side Highway…

Hopefully you don’t need to take out a loan, and instead have insurance, to pay for a mental help practitioner to explain what it is that you’re seeing above.

Happy Hump Day!

Bob Backlund Has A Posse?

We know that Andre the Giant has had a posse for some 20 plus years now thanks to Shep Fairey, but Bob Backlund has a posse too?

According to the sticker we found on a phone booth along the West Side Highway near West 21st Street, Backlund does, but it simply doesn’t sound right.  Perhaps the sticker should have read, “Bob Backlund Has Pasty White Skin.”

In any event, there’s simply nothing like the 8th wonder of the world, Andre the Giant!

Sunday Morning Elbow-Toe

We’re big fans of seeing the street art of Elbow-Toe out and about for his simple, yet powerful works.  This piece comes from a door along the West Side Highway in the Meatpacking District.

Just sip on your coffee and think about that message for a minute…

WOW!  Right?!

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