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You Go Girl, To The Gowanus!

We’re big fans of You Go Girl, as witnessed here, here, here, and here.

Martin Lawrence, You GO Girl!

The Martin Lawrenceification Of NYC Continues

We’ve written about the Martin Lawrenceification of New York CIty before, here, here, and here, and today, we have further evidence that Martin Lawrence will one day reign supreme over all of NYC.

We found the above chalked into the steel beam of a building in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.  Martin Lawrence is coming!

(Again) You Go Girl!

We have further evidence of the Martin Lawrenceification of New York City and gentrifiers should be scared.  First Downtown Brooklyn, then Chelsea, and now the East Village and Long Island City.

[East Village]

[Long Island City]

People of Bushwick, St. George, Sunnyside, and Morningside Heights, prepare yourselves for the upcoming onslaught of Martin Lawrenceification.  You’ve been warned!

The Martin Lawrenceification Of NYC

Seeing the once standard catchphrase of Martin Lawrence painted on the side of a building once in Downtown Brooklyn made us go, “Hey, that’s cool.”  Seeing it for a second time — this time in Chelsea, Manhattan — is making us feel as though we are entering a new world order.

Move over gentrification — we are now in the burgeoning days of Martin Lawrenceification!

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